I have a confession to make.  I have become an angry man.  By this time, I hope you all know that I write all of these articles myself.  Many of the ideas that trigger this creative process come from conversations I have with patients who have come to the office, either as a new patient or simply a routine follow up.  I also get ideas from many medical journals that I read monthly and sometimes even weekly.  Sadly, almost every conversation I have and every article I read has something to do with the COVID pandemic, and I really want to add variety to this column.

    Thinking about this situation a bit more, I realized that my ire has been fueled by the limitations placed upon me, personally, by the pandemic. Listening to all the daily discussions about vaxing and non- vaxing, masking and non-masking, in school education or virtual learning, as well as the personal limitations I feel about avoiding travel ( Florida in the winter), and avoiding indoor crowds and restaurants, has made me irritable and yes, angry.

    The question I have is: am I the only one with these feelings?  I suspect not.  I think this anger is a new thread that has now been woven into the fabric of our society, and is responsible for much of the unrest I see on the nightly news. Even after we have the pandemic under control it will take time for this feeling to go away.