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Coronavirus Information

As coronavirus has become an evolving and uncertain public health issue affecting people both globally and close to home, Altoona Lung Specialists wants to reassure you that your health, safety and well-being are of the utmost importance.

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  • All patients and any individual accompanying a patient must wear a mask upon entering our facility. 
  • Patients should advise the receptionist if they do not have a mask when checking in.
  • If anyone accompanying a patient does not have a mask, they will be asked to remain in their vehicle and not enter the building.  

Thank you!

Dr. Z's Buzz on COVID-19

A Message from Our Doctors!

Coronavirus Disease 19, also known as COVID-19 has reached the United States in a flurry of fear, panic and information from a wide variety of sources.

We want to assure our patients that we will continue to be open during normal business hours to provide you with the best care available. We would like our patients to adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Patients should contact the office if they wish to cancel an appointment or to make a new appointment
  • Patients should arrive at the office for their appointment alone (or, if necessary, accompanied by no more than one family member) to their visit;
  • NO children under the age of eighteen (18) years of age should visit our practice, unless they are the patient being cared for at our practice.

To combat the spread of misinformation and to empower our patients with accurate knowledge, the physicians of the Lung Disease Center, Altoona Lung Specialists, and the Sleep Disorder Network would like to refer any questions to

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