I have a healthy respect for technology. I use a computer and cell phone. I have email and send text messages to friends and colleagues routinely. Since I did not grow up with any of these technologies they are never intuitive. The next shoe to drop appears to be artificial intelligence which actually has been around for a while just working quietly behind the scenes. If you have any device which keeps track of your activities like a “fitness tracker”, or notice that you get emails or texts after you have searched for something, if you have music play lists or any one of a number of devices that seem to know what you want or are thinking you are dealing with artificial intelligence.

Here at the office, we are using a small device about the size of an I-Pad which is used at night and is designed to listen to your breathing pattern. This little device can distinguish the breathing pattern of the patient and not confuse it with their bedpartner. It does not understand speech and cannot be “talked to”. The theory is that changes in night time breathing pattern can be a harbinger of worsening breathing symptoms and can allow earlier intervention preventing more serious problems.

If any of you have not heard about CHAT(GPT) I encourage you to find out about it. This interactive, artificial intelligence program was able to pass a medical board exam and can communicate verbally and in print. The robots are coming