Summer time is vacation time, and I am on vacation and so is this column. However, it is a good time to bring you up to date about the family and some observations here at the beach.

First of all, the only place I feel that I am on vacation is at the beach. It is the only place my family really went on vacation when we did. I don’t like going in the ocean any more though. The dark green water hides many things, and it makes my skin feel sticky. I will walk on the beach and sit and watch people, but I have become a pool guy.

The kids are all grown up and have families so we don’t need to clean sand out of bathing suits, they can go to the beach on their own and they even pay for some of the food. The grand kids of which there are nine are a different story. They span the ages between mid 20’s and teenage years. There are 4 boys and 5 girls.

The girls bathing suits have gotten skimpier. Sometimes when I talk to them, I am embarrassed to look in their direction. Fortunately, the boys have not started to wear speedos which are gaining more popularity these days.

All in all, this vacation is one of the best but of course I am always anxious to return home at the end. Talk to you all soon but right now I am at the beach.