Those of you who choose to get the most recent Covid 19 booster will see that it is called “bivalent”. I suspect most of you do not know what this means but I think it is important enough to be sure you understand.

The Covid 19 pandemic has been responsible for many problems both at home and around the world. The latest economic problems have, in part, been related to the world wide infection with Covid. The politics surrounding this virus infection resulted in misunderstanding and misinformation. Let’s be clear, vaccination against Covid 19 has and will continue to reduce the risk of serious, life threatening illness. No, it will not prevent the development of all infections with Covid, especially, if other precautions are not taken but, it has and will continue to guard against death and hospitalization.

The current vaccine is called “bivalent” because it contains two vaccinations in one. Half of the vaccine is similar to the previous booster, but the other half is specifically related to the omicron stain that ravaged the US and other countries. These two elements of the vaccine are helping our immune systems attack the spike protein on the virus. The latest data I have seen reported in the New England Journal of Medicine states that this current vaccine results in superior antibody levels to omicron compared to the single valent vaccine alone.

I strongly recommend you consider getting the latest bivalent Covid 19 booster this fall along with your flu shot