Another Christmas season is upon us. Another Christmas season amid the backdrop of the COVID pandemic is forcing us to change our behavior and expectations for this usually festive and family friendly holiday. By now everyone is familiar with the complaints and frustrations associated with the supply chain issues. I am certain that more than one of my readers has been unable to get one or more items that they wanted for themselves, or as gifts for others.

The message for Christmas of 2021 must be that we should be happy with what we have. We must also commit to adapting to the possibility of similar issues in the coming year. The hope is that by this time next year we will see a much different Christmas season.

One thing that has not changed is people seem to be more courteous and friendly during this time of year. The Christmas season seems to bring out the best in us, even in difficult times. This makes me wonder why we cannot be like this all year round. It costs us nothing to say hello to our neighbors or open a door for an elderly person.

Financial and business experts are saying that the pandemic is the cause for our current problems and that controlling the pandemic is the fastest way to return to our usual way of life. The best way to control the pandemic is to get vaccinated. Protect your family and neighbors with the gift of vaccination.