Many questions remain about the possibility of vaccinated patients getting infected again with COVID 19. Many also question the need for a vaccination if they have had a proven COVID 19 infection. Some of the answers are slowly coming to light, thanks to studies done in the community as well as the military.

Let me give you the facts and the implications. Infections with COVID 19 have been found in patients who were fully vaccinated. These patients had minimal symptoms and some were asymptomatic. However, they did acquire enough virus to be communicable. Patients who had a proven COVID 19 infection also had the risk of re-infection. Both of these groups could have acquired their infections from non-vaccinated patients and, likewise, could have transmitted their infection to non-vaccinated patients.

What this all means is that it is vitally important for anyone who is able to do so to get vaccinated. The vaccination is as important to you as it is to the people around you. Many of these observations have been made on younger populations and the findings may not apply to older age groups. Transmission of the virus to older age groups almost certainly will cause more serious illness.

Do not forget about the very young, who are the leading age groups to acquire the virus in the U.S., with about 26% requiring hospitalization and intensive care admission.

Getting vaccinated helps to get this pandemic under control and tells everyone that you care about your neighbor and America.