For a physician like myself who has lived throughthe Covid pandemic I am really much like the rest ofyou. I have almost forgotten the way we lived, thefears we had and the people who did not make it. Thisis why I found myself especially surprised when anelderly couple came to the office and told me abouttheir episode of Covid just one month ago. I have nothad an out-patient case of Covid for some time, but Iknow that the virus is still around.

The most common strain of Covid-19 now inAmerica is the KP-2 strain which is a derivative of theOmicron strain commonly spoken about not so longago. It does not seem to be any more deadly but maybe a bit easier to spread and may not respond to theusual antiviral treatments. The couple I spoke withhad minimal symptoms but were encouraged to testby their family. They did not go to the hospital andreceived only supportive care.

One assessment in this elderly couple which washard to make involved any evidence of cognitivedysfunction or suggestion of any psychiatric disorder.I then reviewed the risk of these problems in patientswho had contracted Covid and required hospitalization.A recent study was helpful. Hospitalized patientswith Covid-19 had twice the risk for neurologic orpsychiatric disorder than those with mild symptoms.

Covid-19 in some form is still around and we willsee it again.