The recent controversy over the Supreme Court’s potential decision concerning abortion rights has brought my focus back on how smoking, whether it is some type of tobacco product like cigarettes, or if it is a more high tech device like an e-cigarette, can be extremely harmful to an unborn child. Smoking is the single most modifiable risk factor associated with adverse maternal, fetal, and neonatal outcomes. I have written on this subject before, but I felt it important to reemphasize the need to stop smoking if you are pregnant. Many women do stop smoking during their pregnancy, but if smoking cessation has not occurred by the first physician prenatal visit, smoking usually continues throughout the pregnancy.

There is some other news to report. For those of you who have enjoyed The Buzz by Dr. Z articles here in the Mirror, you will now be able to listen to expanded articles every third Tuesday of the month at 3 pm on my new radio show “The Buzz with Dr. Z”. Please, consider listening to WRTA 98.5 FM and 1240 AM on Tuesday, June 21st at 3 pm for the first production of The Buzz with Dr. Z. I plan to expand on my newspaper articles and add some additional comments and thoughts on today’s world of medicine. I will continue to write these articles, but I am anxious to see if this new radio format will be accepted as well as my articles have been over the last 12 y

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