Part Two

Today, we are discussing methods and ways to help clear the lung of mucous when disease makes this difficult. The following are some commonly used methods and devices that assist with airway clearance.CPT-Chest physical therapy.  The chest and back are sharply tapped with cupped hands sending vibrations through the chest to help move the mucous along.PEP-Positive Expiratory Pressure.  This is a method of airway clearance where the patient exhales against the resistance of a handheld device. Doing this allows more air to get down the airways and behind the mucous making the cough more effectiveHigh Frequency Chest Wall Oscillation. 

These devices are worn by the patient at various times during the day.  They are usually vests that the patient wears and they deliver vibrations to the chest which transfers the vibrations to the inside of the bronchial airways and helps move the mucous along.IPV-Intrapulmonary Percussive Ventilation.   This therapy combines a medicated breathing treatment with mini bursts of air delivered into the bronchial airways at a rapid rate.Combinations of these therapies can be applied with some success but the proper therapy depends on the patient’s symptoms and the difficulty they have with clearing their mucous.

The proper device and method required for any individual patient depends on the severity of the problem with mucous clearance, the specific underlying disease process, and the willingness of the patient to comply with the needed therapy.  The first thing to do is remove any irritants such as cigarette smoking.