In one recent article I used the term Mary Jane. Many younger readers did not know what this term meant. Being a child of the 60’s this slang term clearly indicated my age. I was referring, of course, to marijuana. What was once an underground drug has now become legal for recreational use in two states and will most likely become legal in many more. Keep in mind that the possession, use, and growing of this product is still in violation of Federal Law.

The incidence of DUIs associated with marijuana use are on the rise but there is still no good quick test to look for marijuana intoxication. No standard has been put forward for marijuana levels in urine or blood that would indicate impairment. The most common screening for marijuana use is a urine test. This test is qualitative which means that the result is either positive or negative with no specific level given. Many employers require regular or random urine tests for drug use, including

The usual urine test for marijuana is reported as positive or negative without any concentration given. This test can remain positive for long periods of time, depending on the intensity of marijuana use, with a regular user testing positive for slightly more than two months after ceasing to smoke. More sophisticated urine testing can determine actually levels and can demonstrate falling levels in people who have stopped using. Keep in mind that marijuana smoke is much more harmful to the lungs than tobacco.