Hard to believe, but I have been writing these weekly articles since 2011. Well, it’s time to put a new look on things. Starting with this article there is a new header for the column and a new title, “The Buzz, by Dr. Z”. The articles will remain the same, i.e. I will try and bring interesting facts to your attention and continue to use conversations I am having in the office with real patients as a starting point. What will also be new, I am recording my articles so that everyone can get more out of the articles I write and have written.

I am recording my articles so that if you go to our website, thelungspecialists.com, you will be able to select videos where I am reading the articles. My hope is that these videos will give some of the information I have presented in writing more of an impact. To celebrate my column’s rebranding, readers will have a chance to win a “Beacon of Light on Lung Cancer” t-shirt. All you will need to do is read one of my weekly articles, and comment on the article on Facebook. Two winners will be selected each week and will be announced on Facebook. I have really enjoyed writing these articles and I hope you will continue to read them. I get many favorable comments (occasionally some not so favorable), but now just by reading and commenting you stand the chance to win a neat t-shirt.