I am about to embark on a lecture series designed to explain the facts concerning e-cigarettes, and e-smoking in general, to health care providers, teachers and administrators.  Naturally, to prepare myself, I have taken the liberty of reviewing nearly 100 articles, some medical some not, about e-smoking, which some of you know includes not just e-cigarettes, but e-hookahs, e-cigars and e-pipes along with the latest iteration, the Juul.  Most of the medical information is not supportive of e-cigarette use. Much of the non-medical information is favorable.

The one single statement that prompted me to write this article included a comment from an unknown source that suggested e-cigarette use was better for asthmatics than regular cigarettes or other inhaled tobacco products.  These sources actually suggested that asthmatic patients switch to e-cigarettes to help reduce smoking related exacerbations. The article quoted the people giving this advice as “experts”.  I find it hard to believe these individuals are experts in anything, or are close to being someone who understands the fact that we were not born to inhale anything but air.

At the risk of stealing some of the fire from my upcoming lectures I need to say that smoking e-cigarettes is not safe, nor should asthmatics smoke anything.  This is just the kind of advice that has 72% of adolescents that have tried e-cigarettes thinking they are safer than conventional cigarettes.

I guess my comment to the “experts” giving out this type of advice is: