You may think that I have written more than enough articles about the dangers of vaping.  The Lung Disease Foundation continues to try to get information out to parents, teachers, adolescents and teenagers about this national epidemic. A recent report tells me that despite serious, life-threatening respiratory problems, and even deaths associated with vaping, a large number of people still consider the use of e-cigarettes safe.  

    Here are some interesting facts: 41% of vapers use nicotine, 30% cannabis, but 27% use both.  A nicotine or cannabis pod contains the nicotine equivalent of 2-3 packs of cigarettes and most vapers finish a pod in 2 days or less.  This is a crazy one, 71% of vapers feel the habit is unhealthy, but 79% feel safe vaping(?); 62% felt that vaping brands should be responsible for the health damages due to vaping; 50% say they would buy vape devices illegally if their sale was banned in the U.S.

    There were a number of other statistics, but they all lead to one conclusion, namely, that most vapers still have not gotten the word or they are so seriously addicted that they are blind to the truth.  I continue to hope that adolescents and teenagers understand the seriousness of the choices they are making.  The large majority of lung health problems have occurred in vapers under the age of 35 and only about 50% of vapers are concerned about the health risks. Learn the facts about vaping and make an informed decision.