The COVID-19 pandemic has invaded not only our lives, but almost
everything about our lives. Ordinarily, I would have written any number of
articles associated with this disease. For the last several months stories about the
pandemic in the U.S. have taken over every news station. Every reporter and
every commentator have hashed and rehashed the medical and social aspects of
the most devastating event of current times. I really do not know what more
there is to say about a disease that continues to unfold across the U.S. By now,
you must have heard it all.
The best I may be able to do now is add some perspective to the situation.
One of the statements I have heard a great deal is that we want to follow the
science of this disease in order to guide our behavior. Let’s be clear. Science can
tell us a great deal about this dangerous viral infection. Science can describe how
we get it; what the symptoms may be; why some people die; and who is most at-
risk. But science cannot tell us what to do about the socioeconomic problems
that have effectively disabled our economy. This is the job of our leaders.
Decisions need to be made and they all have consequences. The millions of
Americans who have been left without incomes may need to accept more disease
and death as the price to be paid for economic survival.