Published: July 25, 2016
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Some of the things I like include hot dogs, Kentucky Fried Chicken, and an occasional, tasty adult beverage and no one, but no one, enjoys a good paved road better than I do.  When the good weather returns to Central Pennsylvania it is time for road work.  I refer to it as the orange cone season. By the way, whoever has the franchise for those cones is making a mint.

Here is my problem with the orange cone season, DETOURS !  Now I understand the need for road repair and am willing to tolerate some inconvenience because of road closures, but living in a small town means that there are only so many roads in and out.  Currently, there is only one road open from where I live to get out of town.  The road that is open does not go to the places I want to go to and the repairs will stretch well into the fall and possibly the winter and next year.  Isn’t there a better plan?  I appreciate the help when signs designate alternate routes (detours) but with so many roads under construction I sometimes forget which detour is which, and I’m pretty sure that I got into a recurrent loop yesterday when I followed one detour into another and couldn’t find my way out.

For those of you who are part of the road crew, I commend your efforts.  I can’t imagine how I would feel spending the entire day with a Stop and Go sign that I turned every few minutes, while baking in the hot sun and working with hot asphalt on a 90 degree day – that is the definition of hell.  No, the detours and road closings are not your fault, but whose are they?

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