Published: January 22, 2016
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I have been watching and listening to the various presidential candidates during their debates.  I am not endorsing anyone.  However, several candidates have commented on the health care system which is something I know a little about.  They were all over the fact that people can now get health insurance coverage at lower cost thru government exchanges and some even suggest that we should have a single payer insurer like the federal government.  They suggest a system like Medicare be put in place for all.

Please, don’t drink this Kool-Aid.  There is no free lunch in America.  The only way health insurance companies can save money is by delaying and denying you service.  Take one hard look at the VA system and you will get a glimpse of big government institutional medicine, at its best.

I do not care who you vote for just don’t vote for someone because they are promising you low cost affordable health care.  The bureaucracy currently in place is nothing compared to what will follow.  Someone will need to pay the full bill.  Who do you think that will be?

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