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Do you like to go to the dentist?  Most people don’t.  I have always believed in good teeth and good eyes so I go to the eye doctor regularly and to my dentist. I had a procedure recently and I was reminded of something annoying during my dental procedure.

I enjoy the friendly banter with my dentist prior to any procedure, and knowing that he is going to put sharp instruments in my mouth makes me ever more congenial.  My most recent procedure required the usual anesthesia, which numbs the jaw for at least 12 hours.  Then the equipment began to be placed.  There were several clamps around my tooth, a large piece of rubber to shield my mouth from debride, and a suction line that was placed in my mouth and hung to the side slurping up my saliva.  No problem so far.

In the face of all of this equipment, why does my dentist and his assistant begin a conversation with me when all I can say is “hmmmmf” or “grood”?  I am not asked yes and no questions but given the essay test.  No, I cannot tell you about my summer vacation when I have half of your dental supplies taking up space in my mouth.  By the time the procedure is over my brain has been wiped clean of memory by the whirling and vibration of the drill on my tooth.  I cannot remember the discussion or the witty remarks I could have made.  I am just happy to get my mouth back.

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