At the risk of offending readers who do not believe that our climate is changing, and we are the cause, I present the following article which is not designed to change your mind but to provide some facts important to children. I know I am not a pediatrician, but the facts and effects mentioned here apply to adults as well.

In recent years, billions of tons of carbon dioxide and 120 metric tons of methane, the two components of greenhouse gasses, have been emitted annually into the atmosphere due to the burning of fossil fuels to provide for energy and transportation. I do not have the answer to this problem and that is not the point of this article. What I want you to consider is that the fetus, infant and child are uniquely vulnerable to air pollution and the climate related environmental impacts of that pollution. Rapidly developing immature humans are highly susceptible to toxic chemicals and lack the biologic defense mechanisms to detoxify chemicals, repair damaged DNA and supply adequate immune protection. Infants and children breathe more air relative to their body weight than adults which increases their exposure to air pollution. Infants and children are more vulnerable to severe heat than adults because they lack the normal thermoregulatory mechanisms of adults.

Climate change will have worldwide effects on health and nearly every child around the world is at risk for at least one climate hazard. These are some of the facts. Please, keep them in mind