The New Year starts at 12:00 am tonight.  This year promises to be one of the most interesting in a long time, but I think we said that about last year as well.  The truth is, every year holds the promise of new and exciting things.  My hope is that the new and exciting things are somehow positively linked to our lives.

            Last year certainly had positive and negative turns and twists from the stock market to politics. For me, this year saw some personal health problems, death of some old friends, and concerns over our government.  Climate change and the state of health care in America were close seconds.  As a year, 2020 currently has the worst thing anyone can possibly have, and that is potential.  However, amid the uncertainty of the moment, my hope is that the long term outlook is brighter.  Humans can be a selfish lot, but that selfishness has some positive benefit since we generally do things that are in our own interest.  That should mean that with all the turmoil about the economy, climate change, health care and government, we will do what is necessary (maybe not right away) to preserve our own existence.

            At any major decision making crossroads, you need to ask yourself “Is this good for humanity or bad for humanity”. This kind of questioning incorporates concern for ourselves, our children and families, and our species.  Have a great New Year and reconvene this meeting again in 12 months.