Another Christmas season is upon us, with reflections of years gone by.  Many of us remember the Christmas’ of our youth when the magic of the season kept us awake many nights thinking of the toys and other gifts Christmas morning would bring.  I can remember many Christmas mornings waking in the hospital where I trained by a phone call from the paging operator telling me they needed me in the ER or some other spot in the hospital.  In those days, I must admit, there was little magic in the season.  Much of the time was spent tending to those sick and less fortunate.

            I often wonder what my children remember about those days.  I have talked to them, and for the most part the memories are good ones.  We were less well off at the time and our celebrations were much simpler. I suppose my experience is not much different from other fathers who had to work on Christmas Day or who, for whatever reason, could not be home for the holidays.  This brings me to the main idea of this article.  Our most precious commodity is time and you cannot rewind the clock.  The world is what it is and it is filled with many distractions.  During this time of year make whatever effort you can to be with your family and preserve the memories of these times.  Christmas Past begins the day after Christmas - make the memory a good and happy one.