I have been writing this column for over 4 years and, hopefully, I have given the readers some interesting and, at times, useful information. My articles have been dedicated to providing insight into issues both simple and complex and if you have missed any, they can be found on the Lung Disease Center website at www.thelungspecialists. com. Those of you who read the column regularly will have noticed that I occasionally add a non-medical topic which I have found annoying or humorous.

I have decided that since I continue to find some things annoying and humorous there should be another venue for these thoughts. Starting now you can go to www.thelungspecialists. com and go to my blog, yes blog, entitled “Dr. Z’s Rantz” and read about what I am annoyed at or laughing about at the time. The blog will contain articles that are short, but may not be about medical issues.

I plan to make my comments timely and, hopefully, not offensive but they will express opinions with which you may or may not agree. The web designer tells me that you can respond to my comments and I can comment back. This is really an experiment. Until a few weeks ago “blog” was only a four letter word to me. I am dipping my toe further into the 21st century and I hope I do not get my pant legs wet. I hope that my young grandchildren will find Pap-Pap on the cutting edge of technology or at least somewhere close to the edge.