Well, another year has come to an end. This year seemed to go especially fast for me. The summer was not that great. My garden did not do well and, overall, 2015 did not seem to meet my expectations for a good year. The nice part about time is that there is always a future. The immediate future probably means we will see some snowfall but spring will soon return. You know my usual advice at this time, stop smoking, wash your hands, lose some weight and get more rest.

This past year has seen some important things happen at the Lung Disease Center. We put up a better sign on the building and Sheetz moved in on the corner. A new hotel is under construction a block down the street and the alley behind the Lung Center has been paved.

Beyond these events our Early Lung Cancer Detection program continues to enroll patients at high risk; our sleep lab continues to have studies performed for patients without long wait times; and we continue to work with our staff to make our office as friendly and helpful as possible.I am reminded, at this time of year, of the people we have lost - some were celebrities, some were family and friends and, sadly, some were my patients. I have been caring for patients for almost  40 years and I have grown older with them.  My hope is that we have a few more years together!