British scientists, using a symptom tracker app, have concluded there are six distinct levels of involvement for the COVID-19 virus.  These levels of involvement extend from the least severe to those requiring hospitalization and intensive care.

1. “Flu like” with no fever, but cough, loss of smell, muscle and chest pain. 2. “Flu like” with fever, cough, loss of smell, etc. 3. Gastrointestinal with headache, loss of smell, diarrhea, no cough. 4. Severe level one with cough, fever, sore throat, hoarseness, chest pain and fatigue. 5. Severe level two with confusion and all the symptoms of severe level one. 6. Severe level three with both abdominal and respiratory symptoms that includes all of the above.

This information clearly shows that COVID-19 can cause symptoms that span the gamut from mild to wild and can progress over the early stages of the disease. Keep in mind that not only is the patient sick, but is contagious and could spread the virus to others.  The biggest concern in my estimation is the relatively asymptomatic individual who may be spreading the virus, unknowingly, to his family and the public.  This concern is the reason for wearing a face mask since COVID-19 is spread primarily by the droplet/aerosol route. Protecting your family and your community is vitally important, and you should do this even if you do not feel sick, and even if wearing a mask is uncomfortable or inconvenient. 

I encourage everyone during this pandemic to protect yourself and others.